In these unprecedented times...sorry I couldn't resist. For real this time.

As marketers, communicators and creatives, we want to do things right. Most of us are huge snobs when it comes to design, web interactions, copy. We want it to be just right to maximize our chances of evoking that feeling that leads to that decision we want our audience to make.

A lot of us are dreamers as well. We're most at home when we're working out an idea in our heads or sketching it out on a whiteboard. What if we did this? Has anyone tried it like this before? And the reality is that far too many of our good ideas get stuck on the whiteboard. They never materialize because there isn't time or resources to do it perfectly.

Well, things have changed, and we need to get more comfortable with just doing it. If it passes the sniff test, try it. Iterate. No one can wait 10 months for our idea to flesh out and us to be fully satisfied with it because, frankly, we don't know what anything will look like in 10 months. As in-house teams and agencies, we're going to have to get a lot more comfortable with "let's give it a shot" even if that involves getting rid of the wringer and taking a few more risks. The alternative is, in my opinion, a larger risk: investing heavily in something that could be devalued or even irrelevant by the time it sees the light of day.

For all of you project management folks, we're talking agile sprints here. I've seen many orgs implement this way of thinking before all of this craziness hit, so a lot of y'all are ahead of the game.

Try it. Iterate live. Pull it if it isn't working.

The beautiful thing is that we've always wanted to get those ideas off the whiteboard anyway. Now, we kinda have to.